About Us

We realizes that few projects are complete by themselves. Most are born out of an idea whose translation to reality requires considerable engineering work. We has the capacity and talent to assist in developing the most basic ideas into workable designs. From the simple to the complex, we works with clients to translate concepts and ideas into practical solutions, which fit specific economic needs. From retrofit and replacement, to totally new process, equipment, and facility design. We provide a full spectrum of services for a design engineering and project management.

Beginning with design concept and feasibility, we provide services for all phases of project development. PT. SAFEMAX INDONESIA’s principal project areas are covered by the Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation, Environmental, Fire Protection and Process groups through these departments, we are able to cover all facets of engineering, procurement, project management, construction management, and numerous support services. Using state of the art technology, computer applications, and informational resource to assist in problem solving and data analysis, we are able to provide quality engineering that is reliable, efficient, economic and functional.

PT. SAFEMAX INDONESIA was established in Jakarta. It is our aims to provide innovative engineering, construction and personnel services aligned with technical excellence and total commitment to its client’s needs, with particular emphasis on quality and safety.

We understands that timely and accurate result are essential we always provides its clients with cost effective designs and concise, pragmatic reports, evaluations and opinions we has assembled a highly competent staff of technical professionals assisted by a talented group of support personnel.
Our highly motivated, competent and industry-leading safety-oriented professionals help inspire, provide solutions and consistently meet our customers’ expectations.”